Fun and engaging cartoon explainer videos

Cartoon videos are great as explainer, marketing or even advertising videos for your business and organization.

This is what is needed to produce a cartoon video:

Script and narration, choose a scene, select character(s), and decide on any designed props. These videos are typically no more than 3-minutes long, but can be longer. Completed videos will be delivered in MP4 format.

* There are dozens of various characters and associated actions performed by characters. However, the characters are not customizable (clothing, eyewear, hair, etc) If a highly customized cartoon video, such as one that is a cartoon representation of real people or organizational uniforms, then what you may want to consider is a custom animation solution, which is notably a much larger time and investment requirement.

Our cartoon explainer videos are fun and engaging, and affordable, media to engage with an audience explaining processes, services, brand, sales, etc.

Budgeting guide:

Video Production:

  • 1-minute video, $249 (USD)
  • 2-minute video, $299 (USD)
  • 3-minute video, $349 (USD)

Script Creation for a:

  • 1-minute video, $99 (USD)
  • 2-minute video, $149 (USD)
  • 3-minute video, $199 (USD)
  • Script editing, $49 (USD) per hour for client-supplied script (optional)

Voice Over:

By Seasoned Professional Voice-over Artist (Male/Female)

  • Up to 5 minutes, $100 to $300 (USD)

By Digital Marketing Partner (Male/Female)

  • 1-minute video, $49 (USD)
  • 2-minute video, $69 (USD)
  • 3-minute video, $79 (USD)

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