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Connected-TV, also referred to as OTT, refers to any TVs or devices that connect to the internet for streaming video content like, Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, etc.

CTV/OTT provides content beyond what is available from the legacy providers like cable and broadcast. Advertising includes programmatic ads, which are shown on streaming devices, consoles, gaming devices, Smart TVs, and computer/mobile.

2020 had approximately 164 million U.S. viewers accessing CTV/OTT content, and is forecasted to grow by up to 204 million by 2022. CTV/OTT household devices topped 1 billion in 2019. (Source: Choozle)

Besides the rapid growth in viewership and viewing hours, CTV/OTT provides detailed targeting and retargeting opportunities, as well as ads performance analytics. This is a highly effective advertising opportunity.

View a list of streaming providers here.

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