Your ads for your customers, and TV programming you choose. Cut the chord with cable.

Available in all 50 states.

Custom & Fresh TV programming, Your Advertisements, Realtime Social and Digital Messaging, Games.

  • Are other businesses advertising to your customers in your establishment? Are those businesses paying you for their access to your customers?
  • Are you spending any time overseeing and ensuring the programming on your business’s TVs are appropriate and supportive of your business and brand?
  • Would you be interested in your business’s TVs generating revenue for you?

Let’s have you control the type of programming played on your TVs. Let’s have your ads running to your customers. Let’s enhance your customer’s experience with relevant, entertaining, and engaging programming!

This is current, real, fully licensed television programming with the ability for your business to run all ads, or even sell ad-time to complimentary businesses in your market.

Pricing range: $99/month/box < – > $65/month/box < – > $0/month/box* < – > ($200+)/month [i.e.-Sponsors pay you to advertise on your TVs]

* Amount of revenue, or no-cost-to-you, is directly proportional to any and all sponsors you obtain. Volume discounts also available for 20+ boxes. Would you like DMP to find sponsors? We can discuss that option!

page image - Constantly fresh TV programming

Consistently Fresh Programming

You choose what is shown and what is blocked, so you are always in control of what your customers see!

Over a half-million fully licensed TV programs are available and are automatically changed throughout the day keeping content fresh and engaging for your customers.

Enhance your customers’ experiences, your brand and sales with this innovative television programming for auto dealerships, dentist and doctor waiting rooms, bars, pubs, restaurants, office lobbies, sports arenas, and more!

page image - family friendly programming

Family Friendly Programming

Every individual video is reviewed by an editorial team to ensure quality content and that only appropriate programming is sent to your screen.

In addition to efforts on the front end to ensure only appropriate content is added to the programming library you access, you have additional controls to select or block certain types of content.

For example, you may want to block “bison burgers” and “bacon” if you are a vegan restaurant.

page image - customer support

Dedicated Support

In addition to our support, every client is connected with a Client Success Manager (CSM) to help guide them.

The CSM will share best practices learned from a wide breadth of clients and their setup of this service.

Your CSM can also assist you in choosing and adjusting content to best match your customer base, enhance the ambiance, and support your brand.

Join the movement. Cut the cable and control the content.

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Available Program Categories

  • National News
  • Children’s Programs
  • Home & Garden
  • Trivia Games
  • Entertainment
  • Travel
  • Human Interest
  • Word Scramble Games
  • Food & Cooking
  • Automotive
  • Science & Education
  • True/False Games

Frequently Answered Questions

Cable Service

Cable service is not needed. You can keep it, but why? All that is required is wired or wireless internet connection (minimum 1.5MB/sec download speed) for your TV.

Using Netflix or Hulu or Prime

These services are licensed for private use only. The fines/penalties if you get caught are not worth the risk. This service is fully licensed for commercial and public display.

My Own Videos

Yes, you can upload videos you created! Why not show off the employee of the month, or your chef preparing this week’s special, or your service technician doing his magic, etc?

Running with No Sound

You can run the programming with no sound and with subtitles, with sound and with subtitles, no sound and no subtitles – the choice is yours! Subtitles are provided as part of the service.


TV Channels are so last decade!, Content categories are selected by you, and those categories are automatically cycled through your custom programming. This provides fresh, engaging content viewing that isn’t stale and repetitive, like your competitors. These categories can be changed at any time by you, 24/7.

Multiple TVs

You control which and how many TVs display your custom programming, and even create separate programming for each TV. For example, a fitness center may have TVs in their workout area that display the center’s regular content categories like news, sports and entertainment. They also have a child care area with a TV that all show only children programs.

Let’s Summarize All This

Customized TV Programming

The Content Matters

Fresh Content – No “Looping”

Dedicated Support

Block Inappropriate Content, Automatically

Enhanced Content Control

Easy to Control

Support Your Brand

Wide Selection of Program Categories

500,000+ programs

Visual Games

Community Goodwill Opportunities

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