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Data and creativity fuel our services and solutions for your business. Your business is unique and requires a unique approach to marketing and advertising. Hire us and get ahead of your competition!

Our Mission, Purpose & Philosophy

Digital Marketing Partner will deliver extreme value to SMBs and objectively lift those businesses’ growth. “A rising tide lifts all boats.” – Your success is our success.

Are you facing these challenges?

My business is not being found online…Online Business Visibility Boost
SEO Service
SEM or Paid Search Service
I need to expand my market penetration…SEM or Paid Search Service
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Advertising
My business needs to increase sales of a promotional product/service…Strategic Advertising
SEM or Paid Search Service
I want to grow brand awareness for my business…Strategic Advertising
Social Media Marketing
Brand Identity Design
I don’t have enough time/people to do what is needed for marketing and advertising…Virtual Marketing Department
My business seems stalled and I don’t know why…Rent-a-CMO
Marketing Coach
Strategic Marketing Plan

Services for B2B or B2C:

Effective AdvertisingComprehensive Marketing ServicesGraphic DesignVideoWebsites & HostingPrint & Promotional Products • and More

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Have Your Ads Follow Your Customers

Your ads can follow your customers with programmatic display ads and streaming TV video ads!

Learn More Here.

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Digital and Traditional Advertising

Effective advertising solutions including Programmatic Display, Native Display, Connected-TV/OTT, Social Media and Traditional/Legacy Media.

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Suite of Marketing Services

Marketing services to get your business the visibility it deserves like, SEO, eMail, Websites, Graphic Design, Branding & More

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Businesses and organizations we helped.

Additional businesses who worked with Digital Marketing Partner founder listed here.

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A snapshot of DMP’s founding story: Founder & Owner of DMP on The Entrepreneurs Guild Podcast by Flawless Launch, with hosts Thom Stimple from Proactive Business Improvements and Thomas Fleury from Small Business USA.

Marketing Funnel Explained

The marketing funnel explains a customer’s journey with a business. The funnel begins with a customer learning about your business and funnels through to a conversion event – a purchase or engagement for services.


The stage where the prospect or your customer is aware of their business problem or pain, and is aware of possible solutions – products or services.

Interest and Consideration

A prospect demonstrates interest, or is considering, services or products. This is your opportunity to have your services or products considered.

Decision Action

A prospect makes a decision whether to purchase and most likely from whom. Are there any lingering obstacles for the prospect in becoming your customer?


Retaining your new customer for future sales opportunities, cross-selling, or upselling. Retargeting is an effective tactic.